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Eugene/Springfield Realtors® Need Web Presence

Statistics are interesting things. One of my favorite sayings is that, “Figures never lie, but liars figure.” I don’t know who said it, but it is really true. Now, I don’t know if these figures are the ones that never lie, or are done by liars, but I found them quite interesting when thinking about how people in the Eugene and Springfield area of Oregon buy homes.

The 2009 National Association Of Realtors Profile Of Buyers And Sellers report was released in December 2009 and it showed that:

  • 90% of home buyers used the Internet to help find their home
  • 78% of buyers purchased through a real estate agents
  • 85% of sellers used an agent to sell

The big deal about these stats is the previous year profiles that show the growth of the web and how it plays an ever increasing role in how buyers shop. In 2008 those using the web to find a home was 87%. Prior to that it was 84%, and it shrinks little by little the further back you go. (This figure was 2% in 1995.)

Each year more people are using the web to shop for a home. If you aren’t a presence on the web as a Realtor®, that means that only 10% of the buying public will probably see your information. If you aren’t partnered with a loan officer that has a web presence, you are missing out on the opportunity to share leads and referrals from the web.

How do you, as a Realtor® find out if your loan officer has a presence on the web? Try searching either through Google, Bing, or Yahoo. What kind of homes do you mostly market and what is your clientele? Do you specialize in FHA borrowers in Springfield? Try searching for FHA Loans in Springfield. Do you specialize in $1,000,000 homes on College Hill? Try searching for that. Find someone with the web presence that is complementary to your focus and see if they know their business. How about homes in Creswell or Cottage Grove that qualify for USDA financing? What will your search results be for that one? It really is time to take the web marketing to the right point for your business.

Contact Me

Needless to say, I am hoping that some of those searches bring you to me(Fred Chamberlin, the Eugene Loan Guy). I would be happy to help you with your web presence as part of my service. If you have questions about mortgage loans please contact me at 541-342-7576/541-221-3455 cell or by e-mail. I am a Senior Mortgage Advisor at Alpine Mortgage Planning, 1200 Executive Pkwy., Ste. 100, Eugene OR 97401. I am here to help you with your mortgage needs.

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