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Windows 8 issues with Comcast and Constant Guard

I installed Windows 8 on my new computer and had compatibility issues that were a bit difficulty to work out.

win8 thumb Windows 8 issues with Comcast and Constant GuardThe function keys and the numbers keys at the top of my keyboard didn’t work which I figured was a problem with not having the right driver. Good thought, but there are no new drivers for Windows 8 for either the HP keyboard I had or the new Microsoft keyboard I purchased. Everything is still Windows 7, almost like Microsoft doesn’t know they have a new version. LOL

It is pretty hard to work with a keyboard that doesn’t recognize the numbers at the top, especially since that is the only place you have a @ sign located. Difficult to enter your e-mail address that everything requires. Time for the old cut and paste.

So, I checked the website for clues. I tried a new keyboard. I called HP and got nothing useful, they wouldn’t help me because they need the model number and, of course, they don’t put it on their keyboard. Bunch of buttheads there.

So, I bit the bullet and called Microsoft. It was actually a fairly painless affair, only got disconnect once and only on hold for about 45 minutes. I consider that pretty good for Microsoft. Of course, it was very difficult to understand the tech support, but also, expected with Microsoft.

comcast thumb Windows 8 issues with Comcast and Constant GuardAs it turns out, Comcast, my internet service provider, also supplies Constant Guard and that program is incompatible with Windows 8. Since Comcast is one of the largest ISPs in the country, it probably would be a good idea to let people that purchase Windows 8 in on that piece of information. But, then I have always prided myself on my service, not something that most computer companies/software companies have ever been accused of.

So, bottom line, if you have Comcast and have installed Constant Guard, be prepared to uninstall it if you upgrade to Windows 8. As for Windows 8 itself, I am still trying to get around in it. I will post more about it later, for now, I am plugging away.

If you want the kind of personal one on one service on your next mortgage refinance or purchase, give me a call at Guild Mortgage, 360-675-6106/541-221-3455 cell.


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