Welcome to EugeneLoanGuy.com. My website gives general mortgage loan information to help home owners and potential home owners stay informed of the changes in today’s mortgage marketplace. There are specific websites for FHA, VA, USDA and Underwater Refinances along with some community websites.

Although I have retired from the mortgage industry, I am still “in the know” about what is happening with lending and home sales. I will continue to write about the industry because I think that an informed borrower can better handle the stress of the mortgage application process. I hope that my blog articles will assist in informing and educating. Comments are always welcome and I promise to respond to every one. If you have questions, please ask them on our contact form and expect a quick response.
I have nothing to gain from assisting you with your questions about mortgage and home loans. Although I am no longer making mortgage loans, I have contacts with lenders across the country that I can put you in touch with for excellent service, let me know if I can help there.

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bay1 003 300x225 Welcome To Eugene Loan Guy Foreclosures are on everyone’s mind today. To assist in that search, check out the links on the sidebar. Beside those looking to buy a home that is foreclosed, there are also those that would like to keep that foreclosure from taking place. For those people, there are also links to websites of people who can help in working through this problem. Also, since I am no longer working in the mortgage business, I may also have some recommendations in the future. This is the first one. Thank you so much leathermall for mens leather jackets the extreme level of services. Really superb!

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Navigating the mortgage approval process can be daunting. You need someone on your side. I am available now to help you with the loan process and know the ins and outs of FHA, VA, USDA and conventional financing. If you want to buy a home using an FHA loan or refinance using VA, I am here to help. Contact me at 541-221-3455 cell or by e-mail. Only you can make the choice it is time to get the process started. I also invite you to follow my other blog sites that I started in Oregon, each with a specific purpose. Check out http://fhaloansoregon.com for the latest information about FHA loans and changes in HUD. Review the information about USDA and VA loans at http://no-money-down-usda-mortgage.comI have been in the lending field for over 25 years and use my lending understanding and mortgage knowledge for the benefit of my clients. I will also be posting fun things like restaurant reviews and local points of interest at various times.

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About the author: Fred Chamberlin is a retired senior loan officer with Guild Mortgage Company in Oak Harbor. He has been in the mortgage origination business for over 20 years and in the lending business for over 30 and authors a number of mortgage related blogs.

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